Let’s forget it happened

“What you gonna do
– shoot me?”
Your broken record in my ears, intermingled
with pounding in my chest.
Like that song we used to grind to
before things mattered.
My heart still hurts from when I fell down the stairs.
But the neighbours weren’t born yesterday and
the cops will be here soon.
The gun is loaded
(I wish I was too)
to make this headache
go away.
But then I remember
that first headache we had
We’re not perfect, or even great. Yet I still want to go back there.
I pop the safety on and say: “Not today.”


Confusion on your face;
A fragrant message,
passing storm.
Two riders in the night.

Petals falling on my eyes;
window pane too bright.
We breathe…
We breathe.
Who are you again,
and who am I?
Lonely morning calls,
bitter pill cast on the portière.
This is our memory play.